Philip Charter – Short-Fiction Author

New Profile FINALPhilip Charter is an award-winning British writer who is the author of two collections of short fiction and a novella-in-flash.

He is currently writing a novel about impossible islands.



Foreign Voices (2018) – An amateur cyclist crashes in the middle of the Atlas Mountains, an immigrant house sitter fights to save his boss from dangerous thugs, and a satanist florist sets up shop in a sleepy English town; these stories all contain characters who are out of place, or at least out of their comfort zone.

The Fisherwoman and other stories (2021) – Historical tragedies, fractured romance and impossible futures all feature in this vivid collection of stories. Characters old, young, and even dead search for their true version of home.

Fifteen Brief Moments in Time (V Press, 2022) – Fifteen Brief Moments in Time is a very fast and very philosophical novella-in-flash.


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