5 Authors who Inspired ‘The Fisherwoman’

I’m happy to announce that on 15th November, 2021, my new collection The Fisherwoman and other stories will be published.

Cover art: Rikki Dunmore

Historical tragedies, fractured romance and impossible futures all feature in this vivid collection of stories.

Characters young, old, and even dead search for their true version of home.

The Fisherwoman comprises twenty-seven stories, all published in literary magazines with three of the stories being prize winners and many others appearing on competition shortlists. My second collection has taken three years to write and collate, and is a book that I’m excited to share with readers. I’d also like to share some of my favourite contemporary British authors whose work inspired some of the stories in The Fisherwoman.


Neil Clark

Neil is an Edinburgh writer whose short-short prose pushes metaphysical and astronomical boundaries. His work has won awards and has been featured in top literary journals, such as Wigleaf and Cheap Pop. His debut collection was released in 2020 via Back Patio Press. One of his space-themed stories Everyone Was In On It Except You inspired my flash ‘Satellite of Love’, which was published earlier this year.

Neil also provided some kind praise for The Fisherwoman, saying that the stories ‘take you all over the world and even a little beyond.’ He tweets things @NeilRClark.


Tania Hershman

Doctor Tania Hershman has a degree in Maths and Physics, a Diploma in Journalism and a PhD in Creative Writing. All of this study makes her a very clever writing person. She’s had several books of flash fiction, poetry and hybrid forms published in recent years. Tania can truly make anything happen in just a few hundred words, and it’s mostly always exciting, emotive and intelligent. The sheer variety of her work inspires me to innovate, and experiment with forms, voices and structures in my stories.

She tweets about her work @taniahershman and about inspiring women @OnThisDayShe.


Christopher Fielden

The British short story community owes a great deal to Christopher. His fabulous website has a wealth of information about magazines, competitions and advice for writers. He is the author of the excellent How to Write a Short Story, countless anthologies and Book of the Bloodless: Alternative Afterlives (published by Victorina Press).

Chris also runs the wonderful comedy story competition To Hull and Back. These anthologies, one of which I was luck enough to feature in, provide so many laughs and really bring out the best in British comedy writing. Some of the stories in my new collection (Marbles and Memories, Time and Time Again, Ludgate Circus Crossing, and Hello You) attempt to capture some of Christopher’s wit and zest for funny weirdness.

Keep up with his many writing projects @ChrisFielden


Zoe Gilbert

Zoe Gilbert is an acclaimed short story writer and novelist from England. Among her many triumphs is the wonderful book of connected stories, Folk. Zoe’s speciality is the role of folklore and myth in story, and this book is a wonderful example of how people, stories and nature are intrinsically linked.

I am very much looking forward to studying with Zoe on one of her London Lit Lab courses in the next year, as it will inform my next book project. Work like her Costa Award Winning story Fishskin Hareskin inspired the folk-driven tales ‘The Fisherwoman’ and ‘Circles’ in my collection. Her Twitter account is @mindandlanguage


Peter Jordan

Peter Jordan is a Belfast native who overcame personal struggles to launch his writing career. His debut collection Calls to Distant Places dealt with troubled men, yearning and distance in stories reminiscent of Raymond Caver and Ernest Hemingway. His Twitter @PM_Jordan and his articles published as Writer in Residence at TSS and Retreat West offer deep analysis and insight for literary writers. My prize-winning story, Saudade touches on some of the themes that Peter so skilfully explores in his work.


The Fisherwoman publishes on 15th November, 2021. Keep an eye on my website and Twitter for excerpts, reviews, links and details (coming soon).

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