The Fisherwoman and other stories

The Fisherwoman book in hands

“Historical tragedies, fractured romance and impossible futures all feature in this vivid collection of stories. Characters old, young, and even dead search for their true version of home.”

Praise for The Fisherwoman

Through fleeting encounters or long-term relationships, the characters within navigate hope, regret, life and death in lyrical and distinctive prose.
Gaynor Jones — author of Among these Animals

The scope of these stories is remarkable, spanning so many subject matters, age groups and time periods, taking you all over the world and even a little beyond.
Neil Clark — co-editor, Janus Literary

The Fisherwoman and other stories, released November 2021, is available here. If you wish to obtain a copy signed by the author, please send a request to Copies cost £8.95 + postage.


Foreign Voices

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An amateur cyclist crashes in the middle of the Atlas Mountains, an immigrant house sitter fights to save his boss from dangerous thugs, and a satanist florist sets up shop in a sleepy English town; these stories all contain characters who are out of place, or at least out of their comfort zone. In this collection of previously published works, Philip Charter explores a variety of themes through the eyes of engaging characters with foreign voices.

Reviews for Foreign Voices

“A varied collection of captivating stories . . .  eloquent, often quirky and occasionally desperately sad . . . many of them will linger long in my memory.”

“Some of the most refreshing tales I’ve read”

“The pace of the writing and the concise use of vocabulary is refreshing . . . I would be hard pushed to choose my favourite story from the collection, but each one absorbed me.”

Foreign Voices, published December 2018, is available for purchase here. If you wish to obtain a copy signed by the author, please send a request to
Copies cost £6.95 + postage.

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